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​​Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. What is used to drill the holes and will it harm the lawn?

All of our equipment is designed to be powerful and compact, yet will not permanently damage your lawn.

2. Does your company just drill holes or can you set our posts in cement as well?

We can just drill or we can do what we call "dig and set" where we drill the hole, supply the cement and set your fence posts or fill your sonotube.

3. Can you build our fences and decks or do you just set posts?

While we do specialize in post hole digging, we can certainly help you with your entire fence or deck project - from beginning to end.

4. How much room is needed for the machine to get to the dig site?

We do require a minimum of 42" clearance to allow an easy entry to your backyard or dig site.

5. Will you supply the posts and the cement needed for the job?

We supply the cement only. The customer is responsible for supplying the posts and having it ready on site.

6. Who is responsible to locate and mark all underground utilities prior to drilling?

The contractor is responsible to have all underground utilities located. We will take for this process for you at no extra charge to you. 

7. Who will determine the property boundaries?

Customer must provide all corner post locations or property survey and we can evenly divide up all remaining intermittent post locations.

8. What are helical piles?

Helical piles are a screw-like deep foundation system that uses torque/ pressure to provide the stability and support you need for your project. They have a plate on the bottom that is meant to help drive the pile into the ground and the top of the pile allows for several different types of attachments such as an extension or a variety of different bracket types. 

9. What are the benefits of helical piles over other competing deep foundation systems?

There are a number of different benefits that stem from using helical piles over other competing deep foundation systems. Not only are helical piles environmentally friendly and safe, but the actual build can begin as soon as they are installed since they don't require any cement. They can be installed in diverse soil and almost any type of environmental condition and on top of all of that, our piles are galvanized so they won't rot.

10. When do I require precise measurements?

Precise measurements are used to ensure that the posts are set at an exact distance apart from one another. This is only necessary if you are using: prefabricated panels, currently existing panels, or if you want the posts at a certain distance apart without any room for inaccuracies.